About me


My name is Mike Crosland, and I help people learn English.
I am a native UK English native speaker living in Amsterdam, and I have been giving English Language lessons to adults since 2015 . Although I was born in London, I grew up, studied, lived and worked in many regions of the country before moving to The Netherlands in 1997.
Before moving to Amsterdam, I had worked in many different fields. My first studies were in technical theatre and I worked for several years as a technician in both London and provincial theatres. In the mid Eighties I became interested in Archaeology, and after volunteering on several excavations and academic study was admitted to the University of Durham as a mature student, and graduated in 1990 with a BA in Archaeology.
After graduating, and with a young family I worked in light manufacturing as a Quality Manager before leaving to help administer a small family IT business transitioning to Amsterdam, and so moved to Netherlands.
Since arriving here I first worked in IT, as a touring theatre technician, and later as a media technician.
In 2015 I obtained a Cambridge certificate in teaching English Language to adults (CELTA), and have been working ever since as a professional English teacher. I also have professional experience in teaching Dutch at A2 level.
I live in Amsterdam with my wife, the violinist Tineke de Jong, and enjoy photography and playing several musical instruments not very well, my favourite being the cello.



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